Coatings Services

Coatings Services

American Pan UK is a leading provider of high quality performance products and solutions to the industrial baking industry. Included is a range of coating solutions for an extensive array of industrial bakery applications.

Through our own research and working closely with our technology providers, American Pan UK offers customers a new range of coatings at the forefront of coating technologies. 

This new range includes the following food approved release technologies:

  • DuraShield and OptiShield non-stick fluoropolymer based coatings
  • AMERICOAT silicone coatings
  • FlexiCoat rubberised silicone coating
  • Black Anodising

For customers this means American Pan UK offers optimal coatings to meet their needs for either new or refurbished products.

Our silicone coating range includes the current industry standard and a new range designed to give enhanced performance in some applications. These coatings are ideal for those customers looking for an inexpensive release system that can be used with oil or grease.

Alternatively should customers be looking for a high-tech non-stick coating designed to be used with no grease, American Pan UK has a comprehensive range available. Benefits of using DuraShield and OptiShield non- stick coatings include:

  • Reduction or elimination of oil, grease and release agents,
  • Improved plant maintenance and reduced clean up requirement.
  • Reduced product loss at de-panning stage.
  • The ability to optimise baking parameters not available in a glazed system - ask us for more information.

Which coating to choose?

Part of our relationship with our customers is about ensuring we develop the most appropriate coating for your products. For more information or to discuss our coatings in further detail, please contact one of our highly experienced team who will advise the best coating system to meet your requirements. We are confident we can meet your needs.